I’m Jacqueline Adams, a freelance journalist and book author, a writer of nonfiction and fiction.
My work covers a wide variety of subjects, but I have a special interest in animals and in science. And any time I can combine the two—well, it doesn’t get any better than that. If you’re a kid or a teacher, you might read my books or stories in your classroom, anywhere from elementary through high school. Maybe you’ll come across my reference books in a library or find my stories in a magazine you pick up just for fun. Or you could read some of my work right here, by navigating to the Science Writing page from the menu above. Thanks for stopping by.

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The Ice Man
An intrepid photographer shoots the world’s coolest caves. Read my article from Scholastic’s Science World.

Substitute Student
A Texas teen sends a high-tech avatar to school in his place. Read my article from Scholastic’s Science World.

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