Fountas and Pinnell Leveled Readers

Publisher: Heinemann
Publication Date: 2013-2015
Nonfiction (unless otherwise noted)

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Kindergarten (Orange System)

Bridges Bridges
ISBN: 978-0-325-05468-1

A bridge can be used in many ways. This book shows bridges for cars, trucks, trains, people, and even animals.

Ice Ice
ISBN: 978-0-325-05453-7

Ice forms in many places. Some are familiar, while others are surprising.

Making Music Making Music
ISBN: 978-0-325-05471-1

You don’t need fancy instruments to make music. These kids are making music with items they found at home.

More Socks More Socks! (Fiction)
Illustrated by Xiao Xin
ISBN: 978-0-325-05487-2

The animals all want Hen to make socks for them. When one sad animal thinks that no socks will fit him, clever Hen knows just what to do.

The New Bike The New Bike (Fiction)
Illustrated by Lizzy Rockwell
ISBN: 978-0-325-05489-6

Ricky just wants to ride his new bike, but there’s always one more thing he has to do first.

Grade 3 (Red System)

Beauty’s New Beak
ISBN: 978-0-325-04582-5

When an eagle named Beauty lost her beak, volunteers wanted to make her a new one. Everyone told them it couldn’t be done. Did Beauty’s friends find a way to help her?

Growing a Giant
ISBN: 978-0-325-04480-4

In the fall, round, orange pumpkins sit in fields, on stores, and on people’s doorsteps. But have you ever seen a pumpkin that weighs as much as a horse? Growers around the world compete each year to grow these giant pumpkins.

On the Trail of the Wolverine
ISBN: 978-0-325-04562-7

Keeping track of a wolverine isn’t easy. Just ask the scientists who lost a young wolverine on his journey over hundreds of miles.

Secrets of the Sumatran Tiger
ISBN: 978-0-325-04464-4

Sumatran tigers live deep in the jungle. Few of these animals are left in the world. Ron Tilson and his team set out to explore the jungle to find these endangered animals.

Treasure from the Sea
ISBN: 978-0-325-04591-7

Around the world, people hunt for a treasure called sea glass. This treasure used to be trash!

When Dogs Fly
ISBN: 978-0-325-04505-4

When your dog has loads of energy, what can you do? Enter him in a sport that’s just for dogs!

A Zany Competition
ISBN: 978-0-325-04459-0

Worm charming? It started as a crazy contest at a school in England. Now it’s an event that attracts thousands of people—and thousands of worms!

Grade 4 (Gold System)

Crabs on the Run Crabs on the Run
ISBN: 978-0-325-05031-7

When scientist Joanna Gyory visited a small island, she was in for a big surprise. On this island, something unusual happens after it rains.

King of the Dogs
ISBN: 978-0-325-05032-4

Captain Robert Scott is exploring the dangerous Antarctic wilderness with his sled team of twelve dogs and their lead dog, Osman. One day, the dogs suddenly disappear into a deep crack in the ice. Will Scott and his men be able to save them?

The Mystery of Anting The Mystery of Anting
ISBN: 978-0-325-04963-2

Birds around the world have a secret. It involves a strange behavior called anting. Just watching it will make your skin crawl!

Rescuing Orangutans Rescuing Orangutans
ISBN: 978-0-325-04997-7

When Willie Smits saw a kidnapped baby orangutan, he knew he had to rescue her. He’d soon find that hundreds of other orangutans needed his help to return to the forest. 

Stranded! A Marine Mammal Mystery
ISBN: 978-0-325-05010-2

On a single day in 2008, sixteen whales came ashore in the Bahamas–stranded! Why do great swimmers like whales get stuck on a beach? Follow the clues in a mysterious case of mass stranding.

T. Rex: Scavenger or Predator?
ISBN: 978-0-325-05011-9

Tyrannosaurus rex may be the most famous dinosaur–and one of the strangest. Its unusual features have fueled a debate over its feeding habits. Was T. rex a fierce killer, or did it sniff out dead meat? Read the arguments and decide for yourself.

Grade 5 (Purple System)

Adventure Is Everywhere Adventure Is Everywhere
ISBN: 978-0-325-05212-0

Alastair Humphreys had experienced adventures around the world, but he believed that people didn’t have to travel far, possess special skills, or spend a great deal of money to have an adventure. To prove it, he would take on a series of simple challenges—and he wanted everyone to join him.

Diving Deep Diving Deep into the Earth
ISBN: 978-0-325-05228-1

A group of explorers slipped underground, hoping to discover a way to the bottom of the world’s deepest cave. If they succeeded, they’d set a world record. But first, they’d have to make it past dangerous cliffs, tight tunnels, and flooded passages, never knowing what they’d find around the next corner.

Extreme Chores Extreme Chores?
ISBN: 978-0-325-05132-1

What can you do when you’re faced with a dull chore? Turn it into an incredible new sport! Discover how people used their imagination to turn the most boring activities into serious fun.

Jane's Carousel Jane’s Carousel
ISBN: 978-0-325-05178-9

When Jane Walentas bought the carousel—a rare work of art—it had just survived a devastating fire and an auction that threatened to break it up into pieces. Jane was determined to restore the carousel to its original beauty, but she didn’t know what she was getting into.

Jean Laffite Jean Laffite: Pirate or Hero?
ISBN: 978-0-325-05245-8

THE TIME: the early 1800s
THE PLACE: Louisiana, U.S.A.
Jean Laffite, a well-known smuggler and pirate, is a wanted man in the United States. Authorities in Louisiana have offered a reward for his capture. At the same time, ships from Great Britain are close by. The British are preparing to attack the city of New Orleans. British leaders ask Laffite, who knows the waters around the city better than anyone, to help them. They even offer him a bribe if he’ll do it. Will Laffite accept their offer, or will he help defend the country that wants him in jail?

Long-Distance Runners The Long-Distance Runners of Copper Canyon
ISBN: 978-0-325-05169-7

In a deep canyon in Mexico, Native American runners perform feats that most athletes can only dream about.

A Long Nap Flip 2 A Long Nap/Out of the Mud (two-way book)
ISBN: 978-0-325-05149-9

Frogs need water to survive, so what can a frog do when it lives in a desert? On opposite sides of the world, frogs have amazing strategies for making it through the long, dry season.

Music by the Sea Flip Music by the Sea/Underground Music (two-way book)
ISBN: 978-0-325-05147-5

Two men in different countries each had an unusual idea. One wanted to build an organ that would be played by the waves of the sea, and the other wanted to make an organ from stalactites hanging inside a famous cave. By working in harmony with nature, each man hoped to turn his idea into reality.

Something Strange Something Strange in the Sea
ISBN: 978-0-325-05151-2

With their lightning-fast punch and secret message system, mantis shrimps do things no other animal can do. These ocean predators are so unusual that scientists think these shrimps might inspire new inventions.

Stones of Yap The Stones of Yap
ISBN: 978-0-325-05213-7

On the islands of Yap, people use money that seems strange to outsiders. It doesn’t look like any other kind of money in the world, and some of it is so heavy that its owners can’t even take it home with them. But this money is so valuable that many men risked their lives to get it.

Wanted Wanted: Lost Amphibians
ISBN: 978-0-325-05181-2

Many of the world’s frogs went missing. Some hadn’t been seen in more than a hundred years. Were they gone forever? Scientists went on a worldwide hunt to find them.