SRA Leveled Readers – Nonfiction

Publisher: SRA/McGraw-Hill
Publication Date: 2008

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Revolutionary War Sailor
Grade 5, On Level
16 pages
ISBN: 978-0-07-608753-2

Fourteen-year-old James Forten signed aboard a ship to fight the mighty British Navy in the Revolutionary War. The dangers he faced at sea tested both his courage and his loyalty to his new country.

This story is also available in a grade 5 English Learner edition entitled Freedom by Sea.
ISBN: 978-0-07-608755-6

Spider in Space
Grade 5, Above Level
24 pages         
ISBN: 978-0-07-608769-3

When engineers created the lunar module, it looked very strange! But its spider-like design was perfect for its mission…and for saving a group of astronauts when a deep-space crisis struck.

Mysteries of the Mariana Trench
Grade 6, On Level
16 pages
ISBN: 978-0-07-608851-5

The Mariana Trench is the deepest and one of the most mysterious places on Earth. Strange creatures live there in total darkness under pressure that would crush a human. Scientists are finding ways to unlock the trench’s secrets.

This story is also available in a grade 6 English Learner edition entitled The Deepest Place on Earth.

ISBN: 978-0-07-608851-5